Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easy Lunchboxes

Easy Lunchboxes

What I loved about it.
I am always, always, always trying to make Friday School (co-op) lunches with a mismatched hodgepodge of various plasticware. If I find all the lids, nothing fits right in the lunch boxes or bags. I end up using two lunch bags or packing some things separately in the backpacks or even my purse. I was so excited to get the package on Thursday. That meant I could have a tidy lunch packed for the three of us.
  • I was able to pack each boy's lunch in their own container.
  • They had a clean place at the table for their food (no more reminding them over and over to put their sandwich in the bucket or on a napkin).
  • These are nice when you have no table, just place the container on your lap. (We did this in the car with the littles in their carseats.)
  • Take to a restaurant, divide your meal in half right away. No need for take out packaging.
  • Watching what you eat? Instant portion control.
  • Each lid has a different color, making it easy to personalize contents, and later, get the right container to the family member it belongs to.
Since three containers is the max this bag holds, I added my sandwich in with Xav's. The container is plenty deep to do that. That way, I still had plenty of room on top for three drinks and fruit and crackers for myself.

Things to consider.
  • The strap is short and not adjustable.
  • Only three containers fit in one bag.
  • I recommend one bag for every two people unless everyone needs a bag. That way you can fit two containers and extras (beverages, whole apples, etc.) in one bag.

* These opinions are my own. I was given no compensation for my review. I purchased my EasyLunchbox at a discount through I plan to review that experience another time.

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