Saturday, October 26, 2013

Profiles of Valor

This summer, I wrote an Amazon review for Parenting from the Heart, an ebook written by author Marilyn Boyer of Character Concepts.  We ended up exchanging several emails and I mentioned my hope of teaching a class about the US Constitution for our homeschool co-op this fall.  Mrs. Boyer *very* graciously offered to send two of her books to use and review.  I was so excited!  How fabulous is that?!

Today, I will be talking about Profiles of Valor: Character Studies from the War of Independence, co-written by Grace Tumas.  This is a brand new book released this year.  It's written chronologically beginning with George Washington in 1755 and ending with Alexis de Tocqueville in 1832.  Each biography has been matched to a godly character quality.  Each chapter is similarly presented with a character quality and it's definition, a memory verse, short biography (perhaps better described as an event or several events that bear witness to this quality), followed by several thought-provoking questions that require more than a yes or no answer.

While I was not able to present the class as I had hoped, I was excited to read about our greatest document, and the battles, both spiritual and physical, waged to actualize it, to my own boys at home.  They are a bit younger and I wasn't sure how much of the readings they could follow.  I was pleasantly surprised when discussing US coins, weeks after we read about General Washington's bulletproof coat, and our six-year-old said something like, "Hey!  That's the guy who didn't die when he got shot by Indians."  I actually had to sit back and think to what he was referring! 

I was never very interested in history, but I really enjoy reading Profiles of Valor as a  family and learning about the many patriots, both men and women, who played a role in creating this great nation.  While we did notice a few typos, if you're raising patriots and would like to share the Christian beginnings of the United States of America with them, I recommend this book as well as the many other history products available from Character Concepts.

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